Service, Repairs, Upgrades and Installations


Service, Repairs and Upgrades:
The Maintain I.T Workshop and skilled Technicians can cater for service and  repairs to computers, servers, notebooks, tablets and printers. Installation and setup of both Windows and Linux based servers including mail servers, domain controllers, file servers, FTP servers, web servers, proxy servers, firewalls and PABX's.

Network design and installation of wired and wireless networks, sharing network resources. Long range mesh wireless networks.
VPN Connections:
Installation and setup of virtual private networks (VPN), connecting companies & their employees securely together via an encrypted tunnel through the internet. Network to network and host to network VPN connections can be setup to allow remote users to use network based services and applications when out of the office, working from home or share data and services between offices.
Server Rentals:
Maintain I.T provides rental of proxy servers, firewall and URL filter servers, file severs & PABX's.  All hardware and software upgrade and repair costs are maintained by Maintain I.T, leaving the client with the peace of mind of not having to repair or upgrade servers at their own cost.

Support / Call-outs:
Maintain IT provides onsite support on a per hour basis and contract basis or SLA. All SLA clients are guaranteed a maximum response time of 1 hour after logging a support call.
Web Design:

We handle everything from Responsive web design, custom pages, template and PHP script based websites, eCommerce, social networking precense and Search engine optimisation at affordable rates.
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